Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's chilly today...probably in the high 50's, but the sun is shining and the neighborhood kids are out in full force.

Matthew drove himself to drum corps...40 miles and 4 freeways away. He's texted that he made it and the big news...he's marching trumpet. It's his primary instrument, but for the last 3 years he's marched mellophone during the summers. Very cool.

Michael and I did a big Costco is it that $300.00 can fit into a tiny convertible's trunk?

Home in time for Nico to come and play...Brian gave him a concert.

And lunch? OH MY! Got a deal on artichokes at Costco and while M was unloading, I stuffed 'em and used that scary pressure cooker thingy. 15 minutes later and they're done!

Took the boys on a little field trip to a gelateria nearby. They had chocolate...I had hazelnut. M went to TJ's next door and stocked up on wine.

And now a surprise! Our mailbox has been stuck shut since Tuesday (just add it to the list!) and this morning M had time to break it down...I mean, fix it. Inside was a valentine's package full of treats...thanks, Mom!

Supper tonight will be grilled salmon. Matthew is gone and doesn't like it...his brothers love it, so tonight is the night. The washer and dryer are doing their thing and I am almost caught up. I got a few DVD's for valentines, so we're going to watch some Audrey Hepburn later...isn't she divine?


Brian and Nico...Isla d'Elba, Italy.

May, 2000

(look at that red hair!)

Nico and friends forever!

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  1. It's not fitting all the groceries into our van, but trying to find a place to fit all the groceries in the house! We need a bigger kitchen with tons of storage. But for now, I'll stick with many trips to Sams Club - at least it's close!


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