Thursday, February 21, 2008


We have very few mornings (thankfully!) where all 3 boys need to be up and showered and out the door at the same time.

But this morning they did and unfortunately for all of them, NO ONE under the age of...ummm...38, uses my bathroom. Especially if you are male and are NOT married to me.

House rule.

So they need to work it out and deal.

I mean share.

Which they kinda sorta did last night before bed, with my help.

However, the one child who was supposed to get up 1st and get in and out of the shower overslept and that infringed on the one child (who is still a child until next Wednesday) who was to get up next and rush through his shower and that left a wee little child who would've used the outside bushes if I hadn't renigged on my rule about being under 38 and using my bathroom.

I mentioned to M that we had happiness and harmony
in our home this morning.

He said not to worry...happiness is leaving for college soon and harmony is only a few short years away.



  1. Was there any hot water left after 3 boys in the shower?

    Just think, my older 3 have to be at school at the same time ALL the time. What will I do when they are in high school?

  2. When my children move out I am taking over their bathroom!

    No more sharing for me!!!!!!!


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