Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

Tis the day when there is absolutely no way I will ever get possesion of the remote control.

At least not until after the Superbowl.

I've made paninis. I've made platters of nachos...3 to be exact. I've refilled drinks. I've got a prime rib warming in the oven.

And now?

Now I am hiding.


It poured rain all last night and on and off today. My heart is aching for my kitty, but I just need to trust that she has found shelter somewhere, with someone. I am still hoping she will find her way home.

This morning we went to our former church because M's choir was performing. It was great to be back...kind of like coming home. Too bad the boys and I had to rush out after because Alex had a game down south.

And let's just say...I almost, almost became one of those mothers. Those mothers who scream and yell and run onto the court. The other team played so physical in the jersey pulling, elbowing, kneeing, shoving sort of way and the ref's totally overlooked everything. Alex was physically tackled more times than I could count and the final straw for me was the elbow to the mouth. In front of the ref. After the ball was out of play. Alex was gushing blood and nothing was said to the other team.

So, he...of course, finished the game. His front tooth is loose, so we'll be at the dentist tomorrow. I may just send the bill to the ref.

I came home, fed the boys and ran to do a quick visit with a pregnant woman.

Most of you know that I suffered from a condition while I was pregnant called HG...or Hyperemesis gravidarum. It basically means that I was beyond sick for my entire pregnancies...debilitatingly sick. Like, on a good day, I only threw up 12 or so times. On a good day. For 9 months. IV's became my best friend.

I wasn't tested for HG until my 3rd pregnancy and it was such a relief to know that it was not all in my head. The DR's were shocked that I was going through yet another pregnancy, but in all honesty, I just kept thinking it was going to be better this time.

When I went through it we had no family, and in Matthew's case, no friends to help out. We were new to Boulder and it was awful. So, when I finally found out that I really did have something, I began to volunteer with an organization called HER after Brian was born. Every few months I get called to do moral support visits with women who are going through HG.

Sometimes, it just takes someone who 'gets it'.

They...these boys of mine, who are currently alternating between screaming at the TV and raiding the fridge, were worth it. Well worth it. But I'm sure glad that part of it is over!

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