Friday, February 8, 2008


I. Cannot. Move.

But 1st, Matthew is preparing for his auditions. As in college auditions. As! time flies when you are having fun...

Shaggy time for a haircut until next week, though.

The reason

Last night my neighborhood girls and I went to the gym. I had an anxiety attack about going in...but they made me, and in the end I am glad they did. Did I like it? NOPE. There is so much...ummm, sweat in there. But for 45 days it is free, so that is what I am committing to.

This morning I have already been on my 5 mile hike with a girlfriend. Day 3 and still going strong!

Or the real reason...I blabbed to too many people what I am doing and I'm afraid of looking like a quitter.



  1. Remember to keep your heart rate up!

  2. If you quit, no problem. Just lie! =0)

  3. Auditions?? I've been thinking about auditioning for American Idol. What should I sing? Maybe I should bring my mom with me and we could do a duet!


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