Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sweaty, Stinky, Grumpy

Yesterday was my 'meetings' day. It began with an almost 2 hour PTA meeting and ended with an hour long School Site Council meeting and somewhere in the middle was my non-profit meeting. You know...the 'girl shoes' one.

I was pooped.

And my house looks like it.

I need a wife.


This morning I was at Brian's school volunteering and then worked for an hour. Making the big bucks. Yep, the big, big bucks.

Then, I met K for a long hike. Uphill.

Sweaty, stinky and grumpy, I decided to run into the grocery store for the milk we were about to run out of and the bread we did run out of. I ended up, since I was already there, doing a big shop and stocking up. I also ran into every person on this planet that I would not want to run into while I was stinky, sweaty and grumpy. Came home, put everything away and watched Brian walk down the street. He's now eating a nutritious snack of pizza rolls and tater tots while watching SpongeBob.

Now, I am sitting at the computer searching Craigs List for a wife. Must clean, do laundry (including the folding AND putting away), sanitize a bathroom shared by 3 boys, gas up the cars, pay the bills, and make hot tea for me. She must also make NO money. I'm not seeing anything like that listed, so I may have to put out my own ad. I am sure I will get lots of responses!

Tonight I am making baked ravioli for supper. Good, old fashioned comfort food. I am going to cuddle on the couch with M and watch all the shows we taped last night because we were playing a game. All my boys are home tonight, too. Matthew is finishing up his housing applications and I am writing deposit checks for schools he may not even go to. Alex has no basketball afterschool but will, I am positive, go up and shoot hoops until dark. He did call already to tell me his team won the SuperBowl during lunch time sports...and he didn't break anything.


The new fav game is Dance, Dance Revolution...and let's just say that I rock! M and I have been competing, which is just plain old scary. Fortunately, he starts laughing and can't move, so I win. Whatever works!


  1. Gee, if you're tired of Guitar Hero, I know of a certain boy who really wants it! (he's still saving for it)

    Maybe we should get the Dance Dance Revolution and get my dad to play it. Better yet, get my dad AND mom to play it! :)

  2. Since you brought Sweaty, Stinky and Grumpy along why didn't you take the rest of the dwarves along with you?


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