Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the Road

M's choir, loading up. I had dropped him off so his car wasn't sitting there all week and now Matthew is begging to drive it.

Sorry, but your dad reads this blog, so he'll be calling you in a little bit.


I managed to get a walk in this morning around the lake. The clouds have been gorgeous lately and the rain is supposed to stay away until this afternoon.

Matthew is gone to another choir festival today, so he was up and out of the house early.

Alex has an away game today...way away, actually. We'll hit the road around 2:20pm and won't get back until 8pm or so. Tomorrow morning is church and yet another game in the afternoon. Matthew has an audition in the afternoon and Brian and I will drive him. And buy him a shake on the way home.

Brian is playing outside with friends today...they were just in the backyard playing Stratego and are now using my broom handle as a sword. It'll never be the same again...

The laundry room has been shoveled out and I am about to start on the linen closet. After that, I am done. Spring can come now...the house is clean.



  1. You got to love boys, a broom handle becomes a sword, a stick becomes a gun. Girls are never that creative. I guess that explains why men are in charge! :-p

  2. Xerxes,
    Watch your comments! You live with a bunch of girls.

    Can never have enough swords - or light sabers for that matter.


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