Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Many, Many Males

This morning I watched as that guy that I like so much drove off to work.  It's been a lovely, lovely Sabbatical and we've had such a fun time together and while I am happy that he is now back to work, all I could think was, 'PLEASE don't leave me here with THESE people.'

And by THESE people I mean my children.

All of them are home, sleeping under one roof.  All of them slobs.  All of them with smelly shoes.  All of them watching football 24/7.  All of them are, well, annoying the heck out of me.

So off drove that guy that I like so much and then I did the same.  I got in my car and headed for lunch with my girlfriend.  I was nearly in tears when I got there...being surrounded by multiple males who are incapable of picking up after themselves does that to one, and I knew that she, being the the only female in a male only household, would (hopefully) understand.

I sat down and the first thing I asked was, 'do your males ever ask you how you are doing?  Or do they just grunt and ask for food?'

And then she laughed.  And laughed.  And laughed some more.

Turns out my males are not unique.  

Happy New Year.


I'm feeling better now.  One boy had picked up the kitchen before I got home.  Another boy left on ski trip and texted fun pictures all afternoon.  Another was just smiley and sweet.  Another...oh wait.  Three is plenty.

The above photo's:

1. My girlfriends daughter got married in one of the most sweet, spiritual, beautiful weddings that I've been to.  
2. At the exact same time as the wedding,  Brian's team had a big game.  They won!
3. My neighbor made baklava.  Nope, you can't have her.
4. Beach Pit BBQ with my crew.  It was just ok.  Glad it was a Groupon and not 'real' money.
5. That guy that I like so much and I got SOAKED while shopping.
6. My happy place.  
7. Bingo.  I'm addicted.

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