Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Regular Stuff

Southern California has been so very, very cold...and yes, I know that cold is actually colder in other parts of the world, but I am getting tired of being cold. all. the. time.  Considering the fact that a few months back I was tired of the heat leads me to believe that I am happiest when it is 78 and sunny all the time.


I switch between coffee with fancy creamer (my current fave now that peppermint mocha is hard to find is ameretto) and hot tea.  Basically anything I can warm my hands on.

I'm two for two lunches this week and (gasp) I have another today.  Yesterday was one of my favorite spots...Nordstrom Cafe.  Their new roasted beet salad with a champagne orange vinaigrette is FABULOUS.  I should've taken an earlier picture but I could not stop eating long enough...and now I want to go back again and again.  I absolutely love beets.

What a weirdo.

Lunch today?  A groupon that needs to be used by today.  Is anyone free?  I'm going all by my lonesome since that guy that I like so much, sigh, has to work and the coupon expires today.  And by golly, I can't let a free lunch go to waste.

And this is what winter in So Cal looks like.  Don't let it fool's COLD out there!


Afternoons are being spent in the gym again.  Yesterdays game was a blow out...we won by 40.  It is so fun watching Brian become his own hard to follow a big brother who played the same sport, but he is really coming in to his own.

Love that.

When the games are boring and Bri isn't in?  I play games on my phone.  My newest addiction (besides bingo!!) is bubbleXsplode.

Really, really fun!

Last night, after feeding my family a fast supper (at home, more suppers out in January!) of pasta amatriciana (it's just onions and bacon and crushed tomatoes and red pepper flakes) we watched yet another Downton Abbey.  Oh, and I made cupcakes.  From a box, but who cares?  I am so not a baker (too many directions to follow) but the house smelled sooo good.


Today, work.  Hopefully a hike.  Lunch, maybe with someone; maybe alone.  (free, remember?) Laundry. A floor sweeping.  

Regular life stuff.  All good.


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  1. I just took banana cupcakes out of the oven---they are cooling and waiting for some peanut butter frosting. I made manicotti and it is ready for baking. Already make a salad---supper is ready to go!
    I sympathize with the cold. I hate it when I feel like it is in my bones! Keeping the coffee going all day---my fave creamer is the Salted Caramel Mocha but it was seasonal and now I cant find it :( Makes my world a little dimmer.


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