Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frying Everything In Sight

Our neighbors brought over a fryer that they never used and while I'm not big on frying things, I do live with a bunch of males who get all googly eyed at the idea of fried food.

So, because I like them, I fried a bunch of stuff.

In Italy it's called fritto misto, which just means 'mixed fried'.  It's one of our favorite things to order and you never know what you're gonna get...calamari, olives, artichokes and often times unrecognizable things that you would never eat if they weren't crispy and golden and accompanied by a crazy amount of great wine.

You get the picture.


I did the generic version...artichokes and olives and zucchini and cheese and lemons.  The lemons, in my opinion, are the best thing you could ever eat.  Yum.  Oh, and this time around, a can of chickpeas that was floating around, fried up crispy and sprinkled with lots of salt and a little cayenne.

My boys gobbled them up like popcorn.  Is there any nutritional value in a garbanzo bean?  Probably not once it's dropped in a vat of boiling oil, but oh well.  Sure tasted good.

We sat in the a corner of the garden under a heater and drank champagne and munched the night away.  It was all fine and dandy...though I did get the 'when are you making a real dinner' look after a bit and threw together a quick pasta to satisfy the masses.

As for me, I was good to go.

The only downside to frying everything in sight, aside from the clogged arteries, is the fact that our little house on our little street still, 2 days later, smells like the inside of a fast food place.  No amount of candles or open windows seems to be helping.

Actually, you kind of smell it as you walk towards our house.  Lovely.

Next time, we're frying outside. And yes, there will be a next time.  It was sooooo good, plus I bought a  crazy amount of oil at Costco and we need to use it up.  I think we could fry up Texas in the amount of oil we now own and there is no way I'm letting it go to waste.


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  1. and that smell is why I don't like to fry anything in my house. :)


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