Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Formal

The babe of the family is growing up.  This weekend?  Winter Formal, complete with a date.

A really, really sweet and lovely date.

The planning involved in this weekend was comparable to planning a NATO summit.  Limos and tickets and dinner and flowers and oh my word, they are Freshmen for pete's sake.  Thankfully, a friend was in the trenches with me and we pulled it all together at the last minute.

Our boys had no clue what we were going through, which I guess is how it should be but man oh man, this was one rough event to figure out.

I finally realized a day before the dance that Brian, like his brothers before him, is just a guy.  A regular 'ole guy who doesn't care much for the details.  Just make the plans and send him on his way.  Once that became clear, I became less crazy and just planned the whole thing out for him.

All was well.


The dance was held at Knott's Berry Farm, which is a local amusement park.  They had a ballroom there, but more importantly they had access to the whole park and for a chunk of the evening their school had the run of the park to themselves.

There were two choices to made:
1. stay in a ballroom with loud music and dance or
2. ride every major roller coaster with no lines.

Brian's crowd chose the latter.

Roller coasters in formal wear?  Yeah, I don't get it either...I mean, why are we renting a tux for an amusement park?  Because, people, it's tradition.  Whatever that means.

My kid, in true Busch form, marches to his own drum.  Love that.  He asked (and was granted...because after all, he's the baby) for special shoes.

Patent leather converse high tops.

I'm actually a little jealous.


His friends and their dates all went in a limo, stopping for dinner at In n Out on the way up.  They did the dance thing and rode rides and then were limo'd back to the school at midnight.  The funnest part about Brian is that he is a talker and after I picked him up, we sat over a bowl of cereal in the quiet of our sleeping house and he shared all the details that this mama likes to hear.

Things like who he saw and what they were wearing and what did he eat and how was the music...child #3 is the chattiest of my bunch.  It's really, really, REALLY nice to be the mom who gets asked by other moms for details about things because I have the boy who talks.  I have always been the mom who had to call the other moms to find anything let me just say, publicly, that I like it better this way.  It'll probably end tomorrow, but for now I am enjoying it.  Immensely.


My favorite picture of the night is the one above.  I LOVE photo bombers.  Hilarious.


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