Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Year In Review

Alex plays ball.  Really, really well.  A blessing, following a 9 month recovery from surgery.
That guy that I like so much re-enters (after a 5 year hiatus) the life a church worker.
Grad school auditions for Matthew (and a visit with our niece).
The garden gets groomed.
I get a ticket.  Sigh.
Time with friends grounds me, as does the study of James.
Matteo turns 22!
Matthew has his senior recital.
A turkish feast changes us forever.
Basketball season is officially over; Alex makes All League and then hangs up his shoes.
Growing boys mean we can date.  Alone.  =0)
Our toes begin to thaw after the long, harsh So Cal winter.  =0)
Brian is confirmed.
I hang out backstage at Dancing With the Stars.
Spring comes; the garden blooms. God is good.
Matthew graduates from college and then leaves for a month in Europe. Without technology.
That guy that I like so much and I celebrate our birthdays at Club 33.
Alex (and his posse) go to prom.

Alex graduates. Grad night. Brian graduates.
Matthew returns home.
The parents cry, then sleep, then exhale, then smile.

Brian makes the high school we go again!
I hike. And run.  Who would've thunk?  =o)
My annual Chicago pilgrimage.
Many, many, many suppers in the garden.

All the cousins hang out at the lake.
Is it possible to have too many garden parties?  The answer is NO.
Our fig tree grows tons of figs, enough for us and for every bird in the neighborhood.
An early morning at Disney.
A quick trip up north for Michael's college reunion.

Matthew moves away and begins his new, rather poor, life in grad school.
Alex starts college.
Brian starts high school.
The brother barber shop is always in business.
Garden parties continue because that guy that I like so much is on Sabbatical!
Many Disney days, even though So Cal is hotter than ever.

Sabbatical means fun.  Parties in the garden continue.
The boys at home grow taller.
We visit the boy who is away.
I hike many, many miles.  75 miles, this month alone.
Basketball with the baby, who isn't a baby any more.

Alex votes in his first election.
That guy that I like so much and I fly to St Louis to see Sir Paul McCartney.  Just because.
Thanksgiving means a wonderfully full house.
Alex turns 19!  

Our tree, hand picked by boys.  They're hired.
A rather big party that made me consider selling our little house on our little street and buying a new house just so we didn't have to clean up.  =0)
Magic snow at Disney.
My work gives me a promotion...and a fancy new car!
Feeling content. And thankful.  And blessed.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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