Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jesus and Disneyland

Last night I was supposed to be at a party that at the last minute got cancelled (please say a prayer for my girlfriend's husband...he's having emergency surgery this morning) and suddenly we were left with a night off.

Within 30 minutes, we were at one of our happy places.  Just me and that guy that I like so much, thankyouverymuch.  Like, on a date.  Again.

Seriously getting used to this.


What we didn't realize was that Disney holds a candlelight processional every night and we just stumbled onto it.  In fact, we had no clue it even existed.  Suddenly, we were standing in a crowd of people listening to the story of Jesus.  In public.  At Disneyland.  With choirs and orchestra and handbells.  And Molly Ringwold reading the story of Jesus' birth.

It didn't matter if you were Lutheran or Presbyterian or Catholic or Baptist or whatever...this was a crowd of thousands of people who were craving to hear the story of hope.  And to be in the midst of all those people, singing Silent Night, was one of those magic moments.

I had tears just streaming down my face.  God knew where we needed to be last night and what we needed to hear.  He knew and he put us there at that exact moment.

I'm so thankful.

And then...then, it snowed.

If you've never seen magic snow, well, then you've never never seen magic snow.  


We sat in the Carnation cafe and sipped cappuccinos and shared a piece of (just so-so) coconut cake and then wandered the whole park, arm in arm.

I'm not ready for Sabbatical to end.

So we've still got some shopping to do...the big things have been purchased but I still need to go out and get the 'filler' gifts.  Just a few little things to make Christmas morning a little more fun.  I know it's not about the presents, but it is so fun to watch people open a gift that you've spent time and thought picking out for them.

And...there are cookies to bake.  I'm excited for this part because nothing smells better that a house where cookies are baking.


The weather in SoCal this morning is chilly and rainy and kinda gloomy.  The house is warm, though, and so is the coffee.  Sadly, I have to go out and about for work...though it's hard to complain when I get to drive the fancy new car they've given me.  There's a basketball game (at home...finally!) this afternoon followed by a happy hour with some of my favorite peeps followed by a long, hot, bubbly bath followed by some sort of Christmasy movie.

Somewhere in there I am going to make a pot of potato soup and some homemade rolls (this recipe...it rocks!) for boys to eat on the run.   Rainy weather and soup just go hand in hand, don't you think?



  1. Kate went with her high school choir to sing at the candlelight processional at Disney World during her senior year. It is an honor for a choir to be accepted to sing, and it was a neat idea for a trip during a year when many choir families said they could not afford a bigger European trip. (They go on a trip every three years, often to Europe.) I no longer remember who her celebrity narrator was, but I know it was a special evening.

    One of the best things was that Liz had gone to Disney World with the band when she was in high school, so their girls had an even scorecard for their high school music trips...neither got to outdo the other. Not that my girls keep scorecards (okay, they do).

  2. How fun that you got to discover the candlelight processional at your Disney park. I'm surprised that Matthew wasn't a part of it at some point in his high school music career. I think they may take college groups too, but I am not sure about that.

  3. HI Michele. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Disneyland all decorated for Christmas. I just love your stories. I know, if we lived closer, we would be good friends. I look forward to your posts. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Have a blessed 2013.


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