Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tis The Season

This morning I woke up early, threw on my work out clothes and drove to boot camp where, upon seeing my girlfriend, decided I just couldn't do it.  I was cold.  I was sleepy.  I was grumpy.

So, we ditched.  Ditching boot camp does cause a bit of Catholic guilt, but it was nothing an anaheim panini from Corner Bakery couldn't fix.  Because in the grand scheme of things, I won't ever regret missing being tortured by a young, fit, 20-something year old who has yet to be blessed with a single stretch mark...but I would regret skipping breakfast with a girlfriend.
(this picture KILLS me...if you know Halagan, then you know why.)

There's been jewelry website crisis happening here, too...the website has crashed and is still crashed and the people who I pay are trying really hard to uncrash it.  As soon as it is up again, it is down again.  Oh well...the Christmas orders have already been processed and I'm now working on all the orders from friends and friends of friends.  

No crying over spilled milk.  Or missing websites.  

There is (happy) crying; however, over expensive bubbly...especially when it is in the fridge just waiting to be opened.  The cheap stuff has been chilled too, and is just waiting to be mixed with the peach puree and turned into a magnificent bellini.

Tis the season to be jolly.  And tipsy.

I managed to get all caught up on laundry yesterday as well as on every Hallmark movie I had taped...today is all about making a list and checking it twice.  Christmas is coming and mama has to get ready...so many parties and concerts and basketball games coming up that I need to schedule in time to bake and wrap, not that I've done a whole lotta shopping yet.  

I'm actually pretty mello about everything that needs to be done and my eyes (and heart) are firmly fixed on the true reason for this season.  It's soooo much easier (and sweeter) with that guy that I like so much being home...there are lots of fun things sprinkled in with the busy things.  

In fact, I might steal him away for lunch today.  



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