Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

The picking of the Christmas tree has evolved over the years...we've cut them down ourselves (in the snow), ordered them and had them delivered to our door, we've gotten trees from Home Depot and for a bit, I had successfully turned it into a boys only venture while I stayed home in a blissfully quiet house all by myself.

I liked those years...and then that guy that I like so much caught on and my fun was over.  


But now our boys are growing up and some traditions change yet again, though this years change was a really, really good one.  Alex and Brian offered to go together to buy a tree if I threw in money for Chipotle for them.  Sounded good to me,  so we waved goodbye to them, jumped up and down with glee and decided to try our hand at hot buttered rum.

I like new traditions.

As for the rum? smelled yummy and sounded yummy, but I didn't like it.  Rum and I broke up in 1987 and it was not an amicable break up, so even though it's been 25 years, there is no hope for reconciliation at this point. 


I have to admit...we giggled a little when they came back.  I kept stressing little...and little it is.  That being fits perfectly in the corner of our family room.

They did good.  Really, really good.


Now to shop.  And wrap.  And bake.


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