Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tis The Season

Tis the season for venturing out to the mailbox with hopes of getting a Christmas card that has been delivered the old fashioned way.  With a stamp.  Tis also the season for reading the annual Christmas letters and feeling like a total failure about our lives.

Ho Ho Ho.

Life is moving along at breathtaking speed.  So many, many events are a part of this month...I am handling it by not looking ahead until the day is almost done.  And even then, I only look ahead to that next coming day.  This past weekend we attended a service of lessons and carols at our new church, a concert at our home church, 4.5 solo miles on my favorite trail, breakfast out (with champagne!) with that guy that I like so much, a basketball game, and a surprise party at our house involving a bunch of college students who came a'caroling and stayed for supper.

So many really great moments though, amidst the scheduling logistics.  Watching that guy that I like so much tying a bow tie.  A kitchen counter covered in homemade cookies...and coming home to a boy who ate a few.  Eating a dutch baby for breakfast.  Brand new bubbly stuff for the bath.  Catching up on all the laundry.  A clean house.  Chocolate covered cherries from See's.  A furnace that works.  Not one, not two, but three (and one is a magnum) of champagne in the fridge.

Come over.  I like an excuse to share.


We are still tree-less at our little house on our little street...and it's time to change that.  

Tomorrow is the day!


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