Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Whirlwind

I am thinking...well, I don't really know what I am thinking.

I am just tooooo tired.

I pretty much feel like our server at Maggiano's thought we were pulling his leg when we told him we were celebrating three graduations, an anniversary and a birthday...I mean, how many events can you cram into one weeks time?

Emotional rollercoaster.

My inlays came to town this weekend and we did lots of big family stuff, including a barbie at the lagoon.

Everytime I think of how expensive it is to live where I live, I just need to walk down the street to the lake and put my toes in that soft, warm truly is paradise, minus all the rules and regulations.  


The weather was gorgeous, the food was yummy and the boys were...tired.

All that graduating is hard work.

Other weekend happenings...back to our home church.  A big family dinner in the garden.  A quiet Saturday morning.  A sale at Bath and Body Works.  A homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  A library that lets me check out free ebooks.  

Today is the first day of summer vacation.  I've been waiting, not so patiently at times, and it's finally here.

And I'm jumping for joy.


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  1. Welcome to summer! I find it hard to believe that three weeks of my summer have already slipped away. However, July promises to be fun with a visit from my favorite cousin, Light in the Piazza, concerts at Ravinia, some lunch dates, and more :)


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