Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Disney Lunch

A few weeks back when we went to Disneyland for our big Club 33 experience, we found ourselves waiting in a rather long line to renew our annual passes.  Long as in an hour wait...and that was at 5:30pm.  When we left the park after midnight, the line was still over an hour long which we thought was really strange.

Turns out Disney hiked their prices 30% the next day and everyone was renewing their annual passes.  Smart...and worth the long wait.

That 30% hike means that we probably won't have passes again until our children our grown and not dependent on us for every morsel of food that they seem to need to nourish their growing bodies...which in turn means we're going to get as much out of this year as we can.

So last week we needed lunch and that guy that I like so much remembered a salad he wanted to try...and that salad?  Just happened to be at Disneyland.


We hopped in his cute car and headed to the extremely packed with summer tourists filled park and had lunch...lunch involving a salmon sandwich, an amazing salad with oranges and balsamic onions, followed by mickey beignets.

The lunch of champions...or two starving, somewhat grumpy adults who were tired of tripping over man size shoes that seem to be removed and left in the middle of every room our boys enter.


Lunch made us happy again.  So did a ride on It's A Small World.


I even scored my own pair of super cute shoes in the park. Personally, I thought it funny that I went to Disney to escape the shoe situation at our little house on our little street and ended up bring home new shoes of my own.

Girls can break the rules.

The weather in SoCal is warming up...yesterday was in the mid 80's.  The mornings are cool and gloomy but the marine layer burns off mid morning and the days have been sunny and warm and clear.

It's coming.

My work phone is on for 11.5 more days and then it will officially be my summer...but until then, I am terminating crossing guards left and right for all sorts of reasons.  I had to laugh when I called my boss this morning and she answered with, 'WHAT NOW?'  

But it's coming.  Summer.  It's coming.



  1. Lunch looks yummy. I so wish we could hop over to Disney like that. When we used to live in San Antonio we had passes to sea world and would go for an hour or two any time we wanted. Ugh, I feel your pain on the shoes! What is that about!? I really need to clean my gross boy tainted bathrooms too but I keep avoiding it. Maybe I am thinking the problem will go away if I wait long enough.

  2. You could be the next Donald Trump. He says "you're fired" all the time, too.


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