Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bits Of Summer

Two out of the five of us are on summer vacation, which leaves three of the five of us slightly jealous and overall kinda annoyed...but we are trying to control our feelings for the sake of family harmony.

It's not always easy.


Summer is so close by that I can feel it...and now I can smell it, too.  

At the beginning of summer I usually make fritto misto, which in Italian means 'mixed fried' stuff...basically whatever you can find that you can dredge in salty flour and fry in a pot of oil.

And at the beginning of summer I am reminded of why I only do it it once a year...the smell of oil takes DAYS to leave my little house on my little street.


That being said, the taste is OUT OF THIS WORLD....because come on, who doesn't love a platter of fried stuff?

We've begun to take long walks around our neighborhood lake in the early evenings...mainly because one sport or another seems to be on our family room TV for hours and hours and hours each and every day and by evening I am a little done with it.  

It's OK...once my summer hits I will get even.  Hallmark movie marathons?  Bring.  It.  On.


Anyway...the sunsets lately?  (lately?  who am I kidding...always!)


In preparation for high school try outs, boy #2 (who is the preferred barber for boy #1 as well) cut boy #3's hair.  In turn, boy #1 cuts boy #2's hair.  



One of my 'extra' boys who has a permanent place at our dinner table gifted me a fountain that was sitting in their storage unit.

A real live FREE million pound fountain.

The garden is elated.  The cats and I are, too.


Last night...a late dinner out with a great friend from our beloved (and much missed) state of Colorado.  On the way home, that guy that I like so much (who had to sit in the passenger seat of his fancy car after toasting the night away) commented about the amazing friends we have.

Yes, yes we do.  

So even though I fall into the category of family members that are not yet on summer vacation, bits of summery fun is definitely creeping in.  

I'm ready for the 'on call at 6:00am' to creep on out...and I guess it will soon enough.


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