Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is It Summer Yet?'s flying right on by.  I'm pretty sure there was a weekend in there somewhere, but with Brian playing on a new AAU basketball team (definitely not my idea, but he really, really, REALLY wanted this) we are once again a traveling basketball family.

Good thing I like this boy of mine.


That guy that I like so much and I have been stealing moments in between my crazy end of the year work schedule...including a stop at the dollar store for graduation supplies.

First...the dollar store is a hundred times nicer than the 99 cent store.  For reals. That extra penny is totally worth it.

And second?  Yes, we stocked up on air horns and beach balls.  Yep, we are those parents...but this graduation did not come easy to the parents and we are going to celebrate in a big, big way.

The boys still have another few weeks of school, so these little lunch dates are all the more sweet.  We spend a lot of time window shopping (I want one of these chairs soooo badly.  Any color will do.  Oh wait, three graduations means lots of dollars.  Dear year I will own one of you.  Promise.) and using up all our lunch gift cards that we hoard for this time of year.




Kinda like a super sweet blackberry...we bought a flat and they were gone in an afternoon.  I had visions of a pie or maybe some jam...three large sons had other ideas.

Hand to mouth ideas.

A few made it into a pitcher of Sangria though.  Our afternoons have been spent sitting in our garden reading...the evenings are still a bit chilly, but soon we will be spending hours upon hours out there.  I've got a queue of classic movies all ready to watch back there, plus a few newer ones like Midnight in Paris.  Love that movie and it's so fitting to watch under the stars.

Lots going on in boy world...though every seems relatively happy.  They smell summer coming and bedtimes are gradually getting later as are wake up times...they slip on their shoes, grab a package of pop tarts and are out the door with their eyes still half closed.

Two.  More.  Weeks.

My little house is dirty.  Floors are sticky.  Furniture is dusty.  Sheets need to washed.  My answer to the situation is to go sit in the backyard amongst the flowers and hope that when I step back inside, it will be all shiny and clean.

That hasn't happened yet, but I am hopeful it will one of these times.


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