Monday, June 11, 2012

Joy Filled Monday

This weekend I had a grand list of things I wanted to accomplish...things like 'fold all the blankets in the basket' and 'run vinegar through the dishwasher' and 'don't get hysterical when a boy leaves his sweaty smelly socks next to the couch'.

I managed two out of the three...any guesses as to which ones?

(gas prices...the next day was $3.89!  hallelujah!)

I love my boys...but those socks just about do me in.  
(Vin Goat...our favorite neighborhood cheese shop)

Come to think of it, the vinegar in the dishwasher didn't happen either because the dishwasher broke maybe I wasn't hysterical about socks but I was hysterical over the fact that I fed everyone in the free nation all weekend and my million dollar dishwasher decided to not help me out anymore.

Ah well...I do like a sink full of hot, sudsy water.  Most of the time.

So this weekend?

I folded the blankets in the basket next to the couch.  And I feel good about that.

(picnic on the bluff overlooking the ocean)

The good news?

The dryer works.  

(hair in my mouth.)

This week is cah-razy...lots of end of school year stuff going on.  My work tapers down a lot this Friday I will only have one school district out of eight in session (their last day...and mine is June 22) so lots of phone calls and paperwork, but not much else.  After having to terminate a bazillion people last week (including a sweet girl who called me crying that she can't feed her 3 kids without this job but chose to not show up half the time and finally got caught...but was still paid), I am hoping for a somewhat calmer week in the world of crossing guards.

So far, so good.
(artichokes.  caprese sandwich...YUM.)

Sunday church found me in a pew with all my boys...always makes me teary eyed when I look at how grown up they are.  Smelly socks forgotten.  Our church has been talking a lot about missions and listening to God's call about how we can serve...I look at these boys of mine and can see the fruit of my calling.  

I was telling that guy that I like so much as we were on our way home from dinner with friends that the I am so full of joy lately...that I feel like God is just pouring his love in to me and I am drinking it all up.  Broken appliances, messy house, crazy thyroid, stressful job, pile of bills...all earthly stuff.  None of that matters in the end.

Sure have to wade through a lot of junk to find the treasure...but it's all worth it.

(sticker on the wall.  welcome to my world.)
My goal for this week...find joy among the chaos.  And call my favorite appliance repairman.


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