Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Passage of Time

I'm having one of those 2nd quess-y sort of mornings and the chilly, grey weather isn't helping that much.  

(June gloom at The Camp)

When we first moved here years and years ago with our two little boys (no BriBear yet...strange, as I can't even remember a time when he wasn't a part of us) we were blessed to be welcomed into a group of friends.  They were different from friends we had had in the past...not bad different, but different nonetheless.  Or so I thought, anyway...but it turns out they really were just the same.

Friends are just friends.
(breakfast at The Old Vine Cafe.  heaven.)

Lots and lots of years involved lots and lots of trips and parties and hanging out on weekends and weeknights and pretty much anytime we could all make it work.  It was a fun and happy time and I will always be thankful for that time...that time when I was struggling so much with the friends I had left behind in Colorado and struggling to find my place in this strange land called southern California.
(maggie's new spot, hidden in my closet.)

But over the years, as sometimes happens, we all began to drift apart.  I can't even tell you how it happened...it wasn't a major event or happening, but probably began with the missing of one weekend or another and that soon became two weekends and then three and so on and so on.

Our kids were growing and I know for us, for my little family, our friend circle grew (and was soon taken over by, in a good way) to include our boys friends and their parents.  Our social life became all about soccer games and band competitions and drum corps and basketball.  
(grilled pizzas.  my favorite summer meal.)

One of the family's in our old friend group is celebrating a major life event in their lives, a wedding, and we were invited.  I was so excited to be included and wanted to go, but of course as life would have it,  we can't and I am a bit bummed about it.  I just popped a note in the mail to them, a card, thanking them for the invitation.

I wanted to write more than I did.  I wanted to thank them for their friendship years ago....for welcoming us in with open arms, for letting me borrow an onion, for partying with us so late at night that we watched the sunrise and made waffles the next morning.  For telling me to 'shut the hell up' when I had sung one too many show tunes during a game of cards, for baptizing my baby in such a loving and gentle way, for introducing me to one of my best friends.
(Baby Brian before his 8th grade dance.)

Instead, I simply wrote a thank you for the invite because I thought they might think I am weird.  Maybe all those special times were only special to me...and maybe it's not something they ever think back on.  Or maybe they do?  So as I sat writing out the card, I couldn't help but 2nd guess myself...and in the end ended up saying none of those things that I wanted to.

But I will always, always be thankful for that time in our lives...and I hope they know that.  

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