Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Smelling Like A Rose

Yesterday morning I woke up and opened every window in my little house on my little street in the hopes of airing out all the funky boy smells that seemed to be hovering around.

Funky smells out.  Glorious fresh air in.

And then the semi truck pulled up outside my back fence and dumped a whole massive pile of manure enriched mulch.  

My house went from smelling like funky boys to a cow pasture.

A thousand candles won't help.  Trust me.


BUT...the very first fig of the season (and it was a HUGE one!) was picked from the tree, drizzled with a few drops of honey and a very leeeetle pinch of sea salt and gobbled up by two happy grown-ups sitting in their eye watering farm animal smelling backyard.

To add to the excitement...the cats vs. the fountain.  So far the fountain is winning.


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