Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Time

Winter in southern California is an interesting season.  Last week...COLD (as in the low 40's at night) and rainy.  This week...80's.  Our grass stays green all year (we steal water from NorCal...but we're worth it) though most of our trees do shed their leaves.  

It's rough, but I can deal.

Today, after a SUPER icky day in the life of crossing guards (in the real world I am in charge of the crossing guard programs for alotta cities...everything from the hiring, training, payroll, scheduling, therapy and gulp, firing) because shouldn't be late on your very first day, I met a girlfriend for a quick coffee...and oatmeal.  Peet's now sells oatmeal, complete with almonds and dried blueberries and I have to say that it is AMAZING.  For reals. 

Guess where I will be tomorrow? 

One of the things with my job is that I listen to people complain ALL DAY LONG.   At least I am paid for it...when my boys complain, no one gives me a dime.


So far this week...two whole suppers at home.  I think that's a record during basketball season.  There's a big (REALLY big!) game tomorrow night and then we have a whole weekend at home.  A whole weekend.  I'm close to hyperventilating just thinking about fact, on Saturday I might just stay in my PJ's all day long.

Doesn't take much to make me happy.


Supper tonight...chicken piccata.  A Tyler recipe and a staple in our little house on our little street...I don't use veal and instead use the 'chipper chicken'  (can you guess that movie???) and I also don't measure anything because it is just too much work.  But this recipe?  You can't mess it up.



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  1. I always get a smile from your blog! It just totally makes my day...And I'll be there cheering for Alex & the team tomorrow night - 7pm, right? (might even try that chicken piccata this wkend...needed some inspiration)


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