Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Weekend

A brief run down of our weekend, starting with an overly exciting basketball game on Friday night.  And yes, I just might have become one of THOSE mothers...the kinda sorta borderline obnoxious type of mothers who just might kinda sorta yell and scream and threaten to take down a ref if he calls a foul on her boy.

Not that I'm admitting to it or anything...but I'm just kinda sorta throwing it out there.  And while I'm at it, I might just kinda sorta admit that it's kinda sorta fun to let it all out.  Kinda sorta like therapy.  


  After the game, feeling both full of energy and utterly exhausted (with absolutely NO VOICE left) we needed nourishment.  Big time.  ZPizza has the most amazing pizza...I highly recommend the Morocco Aubergine.  Pesto, grilled eggplant, mozzarella, feta and pine nuts.


Saturday morning was the annual 1/2 marathon through our's run by our high school athletic department which means the high school athlete parents get the honor and pleasure of working.

My job?  Oversee the seniors in handing out shirts and goodie bags.  The problem?  Frequent coffee breaks.

Gotta love teen boys.  The simple task of taking flattened boxes to the trash becomes an ordeal.

Saturday afternoon, the prodigal son returned home from his adventures far, far away.  

Is Las Vegas considered far, far away?

He cracks me up...check out his socks.  I asked if he was channeling his inner Donnie Osmond...his response was, 'who's that?'

Cheryl, I have son has no clue who your boyfriend is.


Sunday morning we began our new life as a split church family...Matthew and Brian headed north to Long Beach for church/confirmation while Alex and I left our house at 8:37am and pulled into the church parking lot at 8:39am.  

My heart was heavy but we were welcomed so warmly and with open arms.  Yet another new chapter for us to add to our book.  

Lunch was at home, made by Brian.  He's become an expert pastrami sandwich maker...sizzling pastrami topped with swiss and coleslaw and mustard on rye bread.  He has definitely secured his sleeping space with no thought of eviction for the next little while...which I am sure calms his 13 year old heart.  Don't want to stress him too much...might interfere with his sandwich making.

Later in the day...a gingerbread cappuccino while sitting in the garden.  Calm and quiet, though frequently interrupted by the hoots and hollers of my houseful of football watching men-folk.

Sunday night supper was the first with all my boys home since Christmas dinner...tacos, including shredded pork and homemade guacamole and a bazillion other toppings.  Plus a margarita, or two, for the parental unit.

Matthew re-enters dorm life tomorrow...hard to believe it's his last semester!

How was your weekend?

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  1. "And they called it puppy love..."

    I am actually surprised at how many of my students and how many of the younger teachers know who Donny is. Many of them have Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on DVD (starring Donny), and they watch it over and over and over. I remember how excited they all were when he was on Dancing with the Stars (sigh).


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