Friday, January 6, 2012

The Past Week

Thanks to iPads,  modern day parents will never hear that age old phrase of 'are we there yet?'

Works for wives, too.

Movies, Tiny Tower, Words with Friends, oh my!

My neighbor and her beau.  Young love.  Nuthin' like it.  


Week 1 of the New Year slammed us back into reality with work, school, and basketball.  I hiccuped when it came time to suppers...everyone seems to need to be somewhere by 6pm and so we were doing the 'grab and go' thing I dislike so much.

I complained to a neighbor that I couldn't seem to pull it together...the next night there was a knock at my door and there she stood with SUPPER.

I wept...and then we feasted!!!

Breakfast of champions...smoothies!  At least I'm starting them off right, so it's not an all out failure food wise.

Our little tree left our little house thanks to the help of our not so little middle boy.  Those boys sure do come in handy!

The inside is completely void of Christmas while the outside is still lit up in all its glory...I love to light all the way to Epiphany, the day the Magi made their way to visit baby Jesus.

Basketball.  Alex said last night that it feels so strange to know this is the end...after playing since he was 8.  It has been so.  much.  fun.  League begins today and then whoosh! and it'll be over.

The upside?

Real meals at real times.

That guy that I like so much in his new gig.  Here we go again!  I will miss his warm body next to me on Sunday mornings but when God calls, well,  God calls.  

How was your week?


  1. What a nice surprise: to see Ruth & Brayan again - just when I was starting to miss them! (Ruth left wed & I've already booked a GDL ticket to celebrate their birthdays in Feb - just one day apart)

  2. So sweet, Michele! I have to say, I've been reading back logs of your blog since I returned to Mexico - homesickness has been hitting hard, and your blog is incredibly comforting.

  3. What is Tiny Tower? Is it something I need to become newly obsessed with?
    We are doing smoothies right now too! We got a Ninja for christmas and have been smoothie-ing-up ever since. In fact, I just got back from buying smoothie supplies for the week. :)


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