Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playing Hard

The last few weeks have been exciting ones around our little house on our little street.

It's basketball season and the high school team that Alex is on....well, this group of boys (the majority of them anyway) have played together since elementary school.  The players are like brothers, their parents are our friends and their games are the majority of our social life.  

And this season?  This final season?

We're all having a ball.  Literally.

Alex has worked so hard and been overlooked time and time again...and refused to allow us to get involved.  His reasoning was that if he was going to succeed, he was going to do it on his own merit and not because his parents called the coach.  We (reluctantly, gulp) agreed to stand back...watching him overcome injuries and surgery and rehab and a new position to play and then a five game in season suspension, consequences from last year, all of which resulted in losing his starting spot.  Most would have quit.  I would have.  

But this kid of ours didn't.  I asked him last night (after watching commentators talk about him on TV) why he didn't just give up when things seemed darkest.  His answer?  'God didn't want me to.  It's as easy as that.  He kept telling me to not quit.'

 Being named to the Dream Team?  Cool.  Being on TV and in the paper?  Cool.  Watching my boys' faith not just stay steady but to grow through the process of darkness and dawn...well, that's beyond cool.

Way beyond cool.

In the meantime...our youngest, the 8th grader, is loving the high school student section where he is (thankfully!) watched closely by his older brothers best friends.  Brian is SO ready for high school...better fasten our seat belts!


This journey that we are on...whew.  Exhausting.  Trying.  Scary.  Overwhelming.  Sad.  But now?  Now we're just having fun.

It's been a long time coming, so we are just going to run with it for awhile.


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  1. These photos, stories,tv interview & 'dream team' selection make me say, 'glory to God' for giving Alex the stamina, perseverance, courage and Faith to 'run the good race'in his senior year! I will put that on a note so you can hand it to him before one of his next games...which I look forward to seeing on the 20th!


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