Tuesday, January 17, 2012


1. I love three day weekends.  
2.  That guy that I like so much, after having a very deep conversation with the lime tree about the amount of limes it doesn't produce, punished it and chopped off a very large limb.
3. I walked outside, saw the large limb and proceeded to (in a calm manner) have a discussion with that guy that I like so much that might have included the words 'you're crazy'.

4. Things then got real quiet around here for a few hours.
5.  See the lemon tree?  Shaking in it's boots.  Or roots.

5. I cooked.  Lots.  It felt so good to have the time to not just make a real meal but to be able to sit down and eat it...not that I had everyone all together at one time.  But that's OK...I fed a boy or two at every meal this weekend.
6.  What did I cook?  A pasta dish with sausage and eggplant in it (a family favorite...meat for them, eggplant for me), chicken stuffed with a sausage stuffing and braised low and slow in a bottle of chianti (perfect garden party food...), and something else I can't remember.  So nice to eat sitting down.  Did I already say that?

7.  TV this weekend:  Bridges of Madison County, Golden Globes, and an episode or two of House Hunters.
8. Oh, and the tail end of Miss America.
9. Seriously?  Pop-ups for Miss America that say things like 'her favorite food is french toast?'   Really????
10.  I could go on and on but I am going to refrain.  But it's not easy.

11.  This is one of two of the most perfect cats in the world.
12.  This is one of two of the most perfect cats in the world.
13.  This is one of two of the most perfect cats in the world.

14.  Last night...cheese.  Champagne.  Radishes with kosher salt.  
15.  If you haven't dipped a radish in kosher salt, then you really should.  It's yummy.

The best part about this weekend is that I feel rested and ready to face the rest of this short week...after all, we only have 3 basketballs games, various practices, a choir rehearsal, a grad school visit, bible study and work.

Ready.  Set.  Go!



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  2. So what,s with champagne on a Monday nite? And. Is that anew cheese board? Very special looking...


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