Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've Missed You

Hello?  Is anybody here?  Hello?


Been awhile, that's for sure.  Basically, if it's not eat, sleep, work or cheer for a basketball game then it just hasn't made it's way in to my schedule.  Which basically means I have no life right now.

I did sneak in a visit to IKEA last week...I mean, a house without candles is just that.  A house without candles.  And a house without candles is just boring...which makes me laugh because the last thing I'd say about our little house is that it's boring.  But without candles it is, hence the trip to IKEA.

Following that?

And if at IKEA during breakfast hours, splurge on the $.99 breakfast...and where oh where is the cent sign on a keyboard?  Anyway, it's cheap yet yummy, especially if you happen to have a Sidney Sheldon book in your purse.  Which I did.

Basketball continues.  The fun part is when former teammates verse each other and then go out for a burger after.  I love that about teen boys...beat each other up on the court and then break bread together.  Who cares what side you are on...just pass the ketchup, please.

We could all learn from that.
(Alex, 2nd from the left.  These boys played together in elementary school!)
 That guy that I like so much had a date night with our oldest and our youngest after a recent game...a four-way date that included a pizza at Nick's.  And a bottle of wine for the over 21's, which means my oldest is part of that crowd.


I mean, I'm still like 27...right?

Saturday Matthew had an audition for the masters program at a major university a few towns away...he walked in, played a few notes, was cut off and told thankyouverymuch.  Ouch.  The upside of the day...spending time with my beautiful niece who is a student there.  The other upside?  Today Matthew was accepted in to a program at a different school...exciting!  Still more auditions at other schools, but it's lovely to have one in the bag and to know that without a doubt, a Master's degree is happening.



I've missed you!



  1. Oh and I've missed YOU. Your blog is comfy to me, oh how I love your perspective. Can I say that I think I'm most intrigued about where Matthew will end up...oh shoot, speaking of, I missed his recital last year (I felt uber cool that he invited me on facebook) and need to get that on the books this year. 'Tis good to be family!

  2. I've missed you too!!! Although I did know you were still alive since you have been kicking my butt at Word Scramble. :) you are totally still 27, and I am right there with ya!

  3. I was wondering where you were! I've missed your updates. I've been immersed in schoolwork, Mike has been immersed in Abbott work, and Kate is delving into music theory, aural skills, voice lessons, and piano lessons, plus her other non-music classes. I heard her voice teacher give a recital last weekend, and she is wonderfully talented and charming. Plus she loves my daughter! This weekend Mike and I are going to hear the ever amazing Joshua Bell in recital at Symphony Center in the city. I can't wait!


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