Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So far this year I have cleaned out my closet (and found LOTS of new...well old, but I had forgotten about them so they were new to me again), cleaned out under the bathroom sink (truthfully?  I was in search of cold medicine and it was in the waaaaayyyy back) and took down all the inside Christmas decorations.

(8:30 am work meeting...waiting)
I've also roasted a couple of chickens, sketched out my plans for my summer garden,  painted a pot and watched Jillians 'Get ripped in 30 days' video no fewer than 5 times.

Just watching the thing tires me out and I figure I am burning more calories watching that than I do watching regular TV.  And thinking about exercise is almost just as good as doing it.

(8:50am work meeting...still waiting)
One of my boys has made a pretty major career decision and another is being gifted airline tickets for his birthday (during a month where I am robbing Peter to pay Paul) so he can audition at all the fun  and exciting places he has been blessed to get auditions at for grad school. Yet another is 13 and easy, peasy punkin pie.  So aside from the fact that a whole bunch of scary lights came on in my car (hoping Peter or Paul or possibly Mary can come through on this one),  all is well and 2012 is up and running.  

And I am breathing in and out.

My word for 2012?  Breathe.  Not just breathe, but breathe deeply.

In and out, one deep breath at a time.

(9:15 work meeting...STILL waiting)
We've got lots of new and big happenings happening this 8th grade graduation, a high school graduation, and a college graduation.  Whew!

I'm going to breathe through all of it...breathe deeply through all of it.

Remind me if I forget?



  1. And the career decision is????
    (do I admit I still am deciding on a career!)

  2. 3 GRADUATIONS!!!! Girl I am praying for you right now! LOL


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