Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back Home Where I Belong

All done.

All done with sitting in a garden, eating pasta and reading the 'for sale' ads.

(and yes, we are looking. always looking. dreaming, too.)

All done running into friends from home in Piazza San Marco, Venice.
All done with sipping prosecco IN A PITCHER over a late evening supper.
All done snacking on proscuitto de parma with tuscan melon.
All done gazing out my hotel window at the morning market, while sleeping gondolas bob gently on the grand canal.
All done.

But all done isn't a bad thing, because all done means we are back home in our little house on our little street with our little family leading our our simple little life.

All done. But the memories are priceless.


The journey home was long and had us traveling by boat and train and plane and bus and plane and finally....a limo.

I will say, the limo part rocked.

Home to where my heart is....with these boys of mine. Our house is currently full...all are home, plus an extra who is staying with us for a few weeks. Laundry is somewhat in control, a major grocery shopping trip has been done and my kitties can't seem to get close enough to me.

Love my kitties.

My sleep schedule is wacky...I've been in bed by 8:30pm the last few nights and up by 4:30am, but it's working for me. Sort of. Tonight is pasta for the masses of boys I am surrounded with...and if I get my act in gear, a sugar cream pie for dessert. My goal is to stay awake until 10:00pm...



  1. Oh, Michele!
    What wonderful pictures! And the memories....perfect. Just perfect. Your trip home sounded interesting, but then, you weren't alone and sharing is good. A limo, huh? Interesting! It was great, wasn't it? The whole trip. Stories.
    And now, home. With all of your boys, plus one. All good.
    Had my carpul tunnel done on my right wrist last Friday. Stitches out on Monday. life is good.
    Hope your sleep hours have settled down again.
    Glad you are back-
    Love, Kathy

  2. O M G
    an actual picture on your blog ....of......YOU!!!!!


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