Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food and Flowers and Cats, oh my.

Yesterday while out and about on random errands that included but were not limited to buying a new bbq and picking up contact lenses and delivering a gift to our dentist, we stopped at Macaroni Grill for lunch.

First, I have always wanted to use the phrase 'included but not limited to' and I just did, so I am happy. Second, we really like our dentist and third, we're not really fans of Macaroni Grill but they've updated their menu and it was pretty good.

They have a warm spinach salad with goat cheese on their menu that made me do the happy food dance and the whole time I was scarfing it down, I thought about taking a picture.

But I couldn't put my fork down.
Their olive's are really yummy, too. Made me want an olive tree in my backyard...
Our little house on our little street is in full bloom in the front...
...and as of this morning, in the back too.
And the girls were feeling neglected and wanting their pictures taken. Really. They told me.

Here's Maggie...
...and Mollie, who has an owie on her leg, which required a full neighborhood conference as to how to handle it. The consensus...hydrogen peroxide, which she just LOVED.

Today I went and saw the movie BABIES. I liked it. Came home, popped supper (baked ravioli) in the oven, napped (because work is killing me this week) and chatted with a bunch of neighbors who came a knockin'. And was told that my front porch is the neighborhood therapists couch, only free...which made me laugh.

Tonight we are heading out for some family entertainment for all 5 of us. Shocker. Not an easy feat and I am excited. We haven't informed child #2 yet and won't until we feed him well and then need to leave. It's just better that way.


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