Friday, June 18, 2010


When we bought our little house on our little street almost 15 years ago, it was filled with cream colored carpet.

Light cream.

Light. Cream.

Now while I think there is a place for cream colored carpet, I do know that it doesn't belong in a small house filled with the males species.

Actually, when you walked in the front door you were greeted with 3 different floors...wood in the dining room, tile in the kitchen and cream carpet in the family room and leading down the hallway to the bedrooms.

We were even blessed with cream colored carpet in the boys (we only had 2 at the time) bathroom.



When we moved in, I didn't care all that much. Didn't like the house. Didn't like the neighborhood. Didn't like Southern California.

It was kinda sorta a lose, lose situation.

It took a year and a lot of prayer and a really, really good friend to 'readjust' my way of thinking.

To remember that life is too short to not live.

And while I was reminded of what a home truly was, I still wasn't thrilled with the three floor deal. Or the cream colored carpet.


We had this rule that when you walked in our door, you kicked off your shoes.

Cream carpet, after all.

Boys (and neighborhood girls) would run in our front door, kick off their shoes, run down the hall to the bathroom, run back down the hall to the front door, put their shoes on and head back outside.

Shoes on.

Shoes off.

Shoes on again.

Finally, finally, finally we had saved up enough to rip out the old floors/carpet and put in wood.

One floor.

The funny part is that after 4 or 5 years, everyone who enters still kicks off their shoes, even though there is no more cream carpet.

Makes me laugh.

And cry, too...because there is ALWAYS a pile of shoes (right next to the basket of shoes) by the front door.



  1. We have a shoe bench in our foyer. It holds shoes, and each child has 2 assigned slots. Do the shoes ever end up in the slots? No. They are kicked all over the floor in the foyer to trip over. I'm thinking of getting rid of the bench and making the kids take their shoes to their bedrooms. I'm sure that wouldn't work, either.

  2. Doesn't every house have a shoe pile? We sometimes have three by the garage door, one by the front door, and one under Kate's kitchen chair. When I once told Liz to take half a dozen pairs of shoes back up to her room, she said, "But I don't have room in my closet for all my shoes!" To the girls, the floor (anywhere in the house) is just an extension of their closet :)


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