Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Baby

Somehow, when I wasn't looking, my baby...

...grew up.

He's now a 7th grader!
And at least he had some hair for graduation.


See, while we were in Italy Grandma and Grandpa moved right on into our little house on our little street and spoiled our children rotten. I'm still hearing about it...'MOMMMM...Grandma makes the BEST sandwiches!' and 'MOMMMM...Grandma folds all of our laundry AND puts it away!' and blah, blah, blah.

I just tune them all out.

But while I was gone, the school secretary sent me an email saying that she was shocked when she saw Brian after his haircut. And she attached THIS PICTURE:

My baby was bald.


I immediately text Matthew who had just moved home the day before we left and was still keeping college dorm hours.

me: please tell me my baby is not bald.

him: oh yeah he is.

me: like, how bald?

him: think franklin the turtle.

me: I am firing your grandparents.

him: please don't. grandma takes great care of us.

As it turns out, Brian told his Grandpa he wanted to shave his head and his Grandpa said OK. Turns out once you have grandchildren, saying yes to things like baldness is kinda fun.

I especially love how they ran for the hills once we left Europe.

Scaredy cats.


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  1. There is definitely something strange in the California air!


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