Saturday, June 5, 2010


Why is it that my body thinks 4:30am is an OK time to wake up?

This morning by the time 6 am rolled around I had done my bible study, watched Real Housewives of New York (sadly) and made a rather large and in charge batch of orange muffins.

I think after my 3 plus our extra finished gorging, there are like 3 in the freezer.

My #35 in the last game of Spring season. We now have 13 days until summer season begins...just enough time to have yet another MRI done on Monday and figure out the game plan for yet another re-injury.

Yep, he went down during the game. Again. In a full brace.

Got him home and wrapped, iced and elevated and we took off for a birthday party at our clansmen's house the next town over.

Home to the cutest baby in the world...and home to really fancy schmancy new fangled baby seats.

And home to my sis-in-laws guacamole, which I sat next to and kept company for hours.

It's OK...I only ate, like, 3/4 of the bowl.

Joanna with the fancy hair and Grandma Sandy who smiles in real life.
And the birthday boy who is 4....and entertained us all by doing belly flops into the 1 foot deep kiddie pool in the backyard.


Watching the LOST finale now and struggling with the fact that I have invested so much time into this rather dumb show....yet I KEEP WATCHING!

What's up with that??

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