Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just dropped Alex at physical therapy...he'll need 15 to 21 visits over the next 4 to 5 weeks.

At $35 each visit.


Anyone want a 15 year old who eats an enormous amount of food on a daily basis, plays year round basketball and always seems to be inured..or caught jay walking?

Applications are being accepted.

Quickly, please.


While I was gone I am thinking Matthew came home.  Not sure what gave it away...

He has to be out of his dorm room by 8am on Friday morning, though he is playing for the big Gala on campus on Saturday I am not expecting to see him much until after then.

And then the big room switch will happen here in our little house.

The boys are all going to sleep in one room for the summer and the other bedroom will become a hang out room...just like when they were little.  The biggest difference will be the addition of cable for the summer only.


Let's other news...which reminds me!

A girlfriend sent me an article about 'what not to blog'...and the top thing was what you ate for lunch.


But anyway, for lunch I didn't have anything because I had two breakfasts.  I was meeting a friend for breakfast and we always meet at one of two places.  I got there early, ordered, and started reading my book.  She went to the other place, ordered, and started in on her work.

And then we texted each other.

Packed my food to go, drove to her and laughed the whole way through breakfast.  

Ran to the garden center after...a fresh delivery of chicken manure had come in, so I loaded up my car and spent the rest of the morning/afternoon in the garden.  My tomatoes are looking lovely and the whole garden smells like paradise...or at least until I spread the chicken dung everywhere.


Supper tonight is a brisket that I have been slow cooking all day in the oven, mashed potatoes and some sort of veggie on the the last of the applesauce I made in the fall and froze.

My outside freezer is in desperate need of a thaw out/clean down, so we are eating strange things from the trenches for the next week or so.

We just need to work our way through the 10 boxes of fudgesicles that are in there...they were on sale for $.50/ each!  Bargain!!

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