Monday, May 18, 2009

An Almost Perfect Day

I needed to escape town for a few hours, from the mess and piles and testosterone that has taken over my little house.  

BUT...and this is a BIG but, I wanted some of the testosterone to come with me.

So I convinced that guy that I like so much to play hooky (yeah, that was super hard...I mentioned it and he ran to the car and waited, patiently,  for me to come out) and take me for a ride.

Except we didn't have time to go far, so we drove 10 minutes in search of lunch.

Introducing...Newport Beach, California.  Home to sun and sand.

Parked and got a tad bit distracted.  The view is unreal...including the silly pasty white tourists sunbathing in the chilly 70 something degree weather.
We were thinking fish and chips, but were once again distracted by Charlie's institution in Newport, known for solving the late night munchies of college students.
Plopped ourselves at an outside table and ordered a beer...served in a paper cup, thankyouverymuch.
And shared a bowl of red, with toppings.

Yum.  Yum.  Yum.
Finished eating and walked back to the car, which was all of 50 yards from where we were.  My toes plus warm sand makes for a happy momma.

Not wanting to go home yet, we walked the pier.
And watched the fisherman hard at work napping.  I mean fishing.

Drove home and M went to go pick up Alex at school...and was then side swiped by a parent in the school parking lot.  Who then drove off.  And we have a $1,000.00 deductible.


God has his reasons.  God has his reasons.

I really DO believe that.


  1. Newport Beach= thumbs up
    Beer at lunch=double thumbs up
    Beer in a paper cup=thumbs up
    Side swiped car=every thumb down and uber lame!!! So sorry to read that part of the day. :( Argh.

  2. 70 degrees? Burr you must have been FREEZING!


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