Monday, May 11, 2009

NOT For The Weak Of Heart

This morning found us back at an all too familiar place...the orthopedist.  The same office who has seen us through a ruptured achilles tendon, a broken thumb/surgery, broken ankles, toes and knees...and the latest?

Sprain after sprain of Alex's MCL.

The doctors haven't changed...and they know us by now.  The view hasn't changed...and I still find it hard to believe that anyone would eat at that Carl's Jr. right there.
What did change was my SOS call to my DR friend.  Our last few visits have not gone so well, so I was whining to her this morning.

Lo and behold, we are now royalty.  Pays to know people.
(which in our house is pronounced pee-oh-puh-lee.  In case you were wondering, that is.)

So this morning we saw the big kahuna who checked out the big knee.
And FYI...Alex asked me to video tape this, which I found disturbing.  So I just snapped a picture instead.  Even more disturbing?  The 12 ounces of fluid they removed.

All together now....EWWWWWW!!!!
Instant relief.  And an instant plummet in his blood sugars...but I was prepared and all is well.  
The good news...lots of PT, crutches and a brace for a few days only, and he'll be back on the court soon.  As soon as he is cleared from PT...who happens to be the trainer at our school, so he'll be well cared for there.

He is now home eating a massive amount of food from Burger King and will be going back to school after lunch.  I am going to find the nearest bridge and jump.

Guess I shouldn't put that in writing, eh?


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  1. Don't jump off a bridge, jump on a plane and head out here! You can come spend some time here. We offer a noisy house, cool weather, and lots of Legos!


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