Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is my first Thursday in years without Meals on Wheels...and it felt strange.  Very, very strange.

I went to the gym and then had my 3rd birthday lunch of the week.  Came home and hammered away, making pendants.  A friend offered to come and do my packaging and I said YES, PLEASE...and so she did.  

Can't beat free help.


I did make her peanut butter cookies...and then baked some more for us.  They went fast...and two of the four of us don't like peanut butter cookies.

I'm not naming names...but I am licking my fingers.

Today we celebrated siete de mayo...too busy on cinco de mayo, so I had to be creative.

Made some pico...
...and some guac.  
I also made enchiladas and was thrilled when friends came a knockin' at the door.  Fed them, drank margaritas, caught up on all things important and had a great time.  Love nights like this!

Got the boys in bed and that guy that I like so much (he's here in body, but his mind is it summer yet???) and I watched LOST.  And are more lost than ever...what is up with that show and why oh why do I KEEP ON WATCHING IT????


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