Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a marathon of events around here, but as of yesterday we found the finish line.

Sort of, anyway.


Friday morning at 10:30am, I was in the theater seeing Angels & Demons.  Friday night at 10:30pm, I was in the theater seeing Angels & Demons.  

Good thing I really liked it.  Both times.

In between, M sat through 2 graduations and baccalaureate.  I filled jewelry orders and then met up with M on campus for the preview of the big gala show that Matthew is playing in.

Saturday was a big day in our house...that guy that I like so much celebrated a rather big birthday.  

And after a week of cooking some really, really strange things...I actually cooked some tried and true favorites for the birthday boy.

Breakfast was a german apple pancake, which even roused the teens out of their beds.  Shocker.

All of this became...
...fritto misto, which basically means mixed fried.  And for the record, I am not a frying kind of cook...I can't stand the way it makes my house (and my hair) smell, but I really like the guy that really likes it.  

Drank my favorite champagne.
Watched boys devour fried food.
And made a rockin' great amaretto white chocolate cheesecake.  OH...and somewhere in all of there was chicken cacciatore, too.  Pretty sure we will be full for days.  And days.
Happy birthday, Michael!  Fun party, too!


1 comment:

  1. Happy 30th birthday Mike!

    I agree with you about fried food!


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