Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Recipe

A jug of fresh berries all smooshed together... a bottle of vodka and a couple of orange peels.  Store in a cool place for a month or two, strain into a cute bottle and then put it in the freezer.
Drink it ice cold, followed by a pickle.


And why a pickle?  NO CLUE, 'cept we had vodka shots followed by pickles in a scary bar in Slovakia.  And for some reason it tasted really good in an odd sort of funky way and now we need to do it that way everytime.


And to that guy that I like so are missed.  I especially miss seeing you drive down the street, top down, with BNL's blaring on your stereo.

I am ready for long, late suppers in the backyard...with candles and a heat lamp and groovy tunes playing in the background.  I miss you.  The children miss you.

But thanks for working so hard for us AND for coming home late AND making berry vodka.  

Come home soon.



  1. So you are saying you are sitting home alone drinking vodka shots and waiting for Mike to come home?

  2. Maybe she tells M that she's home alone. Maybe she really has a couple hunky guys hanging around helping her with the drinks and household projects. Maybe we need a few photos of the hunky guys!


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