Monday, February 16, 2009


The rains keep coming and coming...and I am not complaining.  Not one little bit.

Fot the first time in a long while, it feels like winter in SoCal...and cold rainy weather makes me long for Spring.  And Spring is appreciated a whole lot more after you've had a few weeks of cold toes, so I am enjoying the rain.


My garden is wet and my broccoli and cauliflower are thrilled...I cannot wait to make cauliflower curry and broccoli soup.  Soon...very, very soon.


This morning in the rain, Alex and I went to the orthopedist to hear the fate of that pesky knee.  Good news...a simple sprain of his MCL, so he's in a brace and physical therapy.  Better news...the MRI showed no link to the past knee injury, so he'll be up and playing in a few short weeks.  

God is good.

Brian went to play at a friends house, Alex went to play at a friends house and for most of the day I was home alone.  And it was quiet.  Too quiet, actually.  I had a few jewelry orders to fill, which btw...who would've thunk (and yes, I KNOW thunk is not a REAL word) that this little jewelry business would've worked?  Not me.  I am assuming it will slow way down now, though I just donated 6 pendants to 6 different silent auctions.  


Supper tonight was C.O.R.N.  Also known as Clean Out Refrigerator Night.  One had pasta and sausage, one had chicken pot pie, one had stroganoff AND pasta AND chicken pot pie (any guesses on which boy that was?) and I had a salad with my neighbors homegrown lettuce, which I am sooo addicted to.  It was especially yummy with homemade thousand island dressing that Tom made while he was here.  Yum.

M is working tonight and is getting weary from the 7 day work weeks.  Summer is coming, summer is coming.

Tonight, once he gets home late, we'll watch the Bachelor together...I made a super, super, super yummy brownie pudding from Ina for dessert.  It only called for 2 sticks of butter, which for Ina is low-cal.  Can't wait.


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