Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ashes to Ashes

Alex and I drove to Huntington Beach for an appointment with the orthopedist and got great news...lots of swelling but no damage.

He can be back on the court this week...playing at only 50% and slowly working his way back up.

All is well.

OH...and this is the view from the office of the pet cemetary below.  At first look it is really pretty and then the more you stare and think about it, the creepier it gets.  Makes you wonder about the Carl's Jr that is right next door...

Last night,  Ash Wednesday,  we were ashed...and Lent is here.  This is my favorite time of year...a time to repent and remember, followed by my favorite holiday.  


No traveling required.  No gifts to buy.  Just Jesus.  And springtime.  And chocolate.

After church last night we stopped for these times with my boys.  In church, we sat in front of a family with beautiful young boys and I found myself leaning over to M and telling him that time is going so fast...something I couldn't stand when people said to me.

But it's true.
Supper tonight will be an Italian pork roast, plus I need to bake a cake.  Today is a heavy volunteer day for me...Meals on Wheels, Brian's school and then I am the lunchtime bingo caller at the senior center.  Crazy, but fun.  They are usually so happy to sit and play...they come to Bingo following line dancing and are all tuckered out.

Love that.


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