Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hot Breakfast

Sometimes, a morning started with a hot griddle is the best kind of morning.

At least if you are under 11.

Or even if you are over 11.


Ginormous chocolate chip pancakes.

We are WET.  Really, really wet.  And somehow down to only 2 umbrellas, which is our equivalent of a snow shovel in the midwest...meaning we can't live without 'em.

So off to Target I will go.


The grass is SO green and the trees in the neighborhood are filled with teeny-tiny leaves...spring is springing up around us!
Yesterday was a quiet day...the house got cleaned (all except for clean sheets, which I will do when I am done here) and I spent the day making jewelry.  After school was the Beavers second to last game before play-offs and as of yet have not a single win.  Sad...but my #8 is so cute!
Immediately after their game, M and the boys went to Concordia for their basketball game, so the girlie was once again left in a quiet house.


Today I am off to see a movie with a girlfriend...and tonight should have a full house.

Which I like.


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