Sunday, February 15, 2009

Date Night

Last night, after a lonnnnng day of auditions, that guy that I like so much picked me up in his really cute car.

Cuz we had tickets.  FREE tickets, actually.

In my book, those are the best kind of tickets to have.


We started at Maggiano's and sat under a picture of Norm himself, while drinking red wine and eating lobster fettucine.


Oh yeah, dinner was free too...thanks to a bunch of gift cards with remnants on them.  Works for me!

We walked across the parking lot (and across the street, through a business complex and a rather damp field) to the Samueli Theater.

Charming.  Actually beyond charming.  Lots of little tables, candlelight and cocktails.

Can't find anything wrong with that, can ya?

And new to us....Matt Dusk.  A 30 year old crooner with a rockin' combo behind him.

This morning, M was out the door by 6am...turns out the choir was on the road yet again on a Sunday morning.  The younger boys and I, of course, followed quite a few hours later to hear them sing.

After, another new to us place...PJ's Abbey, an old church turned restaurant.  Awesome.  Beyond awesome.
Their huevos rancheros were so amazing, that not much was said by the guy who ordered them.  For me...a california omelette full of avocado.  Oh MY.  With champagne and the best blueberry muffins ever...well, it was worth every bite.  Brian had an omelette the size of his head and Alex ate enough for a whole table.  YUM.

Drove home via downtown Orange, threatening crazy boys with a trip to the antique shops if they didn't calm down and saw the old Bank of Italy/masonic lodge.  Don't ask me why the picture is green...I am pretty sure the sky was a normal blue when I took it.  But then again, you never know.

You can give a girlie a fancy camera, but you can't make her read the instruction booklet.  


It's now time for a sunday afternoon movie and nap...nothing beats a sunday afternoon nap.



  1. Instruction booklet? You mean the booklet that a technical writer makes? You don't need it. Not even my technical writer reads booklets. If he does, he complains that the directions aren't clear. Have your kids show you how to use all the features of the camera! They can usually figure it out in about 2 minutes. :)

  2. The crooner reminds me of Michael Buble...a favorite of ours!

    Cool restaurant. When I was in Atlanta many years ago, I ate in an old cathedral that had been converted into an upscale restaurant. They still had many of the original furnishings, and the waiters were dressed like monks. Classical musicians played up in the old choir loft. It was very classy and very expensive...but well worth the visit, especially since I paid for it with company dollars : )

  3. Sounds like it was a good thing those tickets were free!


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