Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Boy.

Not good...

NOT good...
The good news...while it is the same knee as before, this time he can put weight on it.  

The other good news...the trainer who worked on him immediately after does NOT think it is his meniscus or ACL or MCL (like last time) and that pesky kneecap (which was broken last time, as well as dislocated) is straight on.  

The even more good news...the season is over.  And not because of a knee.  One more non-league game on Friday and he wouldn't have played much anyway, since all the 1st stringers warm the bench during non-league games.

The not so good was scary.  He went down and didn't get up.  I don't like that.  Not one bit.

The coach told him to 'get it all in order' cuz they need him on JV next year.

That's good news.


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