Friday, February 6, 2009

Long Time Away

Hey Alex...what is the book you are reading in English now?

I dunno...somethin' about a man and a mouse.  Sounds boring.

I hadn't realized that it had been almost a week since I've written...but actually, I have.  I just didn't hit publish when I was done.

Can't share everything you know.


BooBear had a basketball game on Tuesday night.  Bless his little heart...his team is just so adorable.  They just can't seem to squeak out a win...though they are getting closer.  This week the Beavers only lost by 20.  Poor things.
And this????  THIS is the REAL Housewives of Orange County.  (and we forgot to take one where I was in the picture because we were too distracted by all of Rosemary's stories!!!)

Anyway, these are my neighbors and the reason I will never leave my 1200 sq. feet.  Ever.  These are my people.

What else has been happening?

Alex had a game on Wednesday, which meant a 6 hr stint at the snack bar for me.  While it is fun (I really like the person who I am doing it with) I am not sure I will miss it all that much.  Alex will be moving up a team next year, so my dues have been paid.

I do love the time with Alex...he has changed so much just in the last month.  Taller, more funny (not sure that was possible) and more sure of himself.  It is so fun to watch these boys grow up...wish I could take credit for it, but this is all God.  All God.

Last night was Pie Night with the girls...and once again I came home with a sore face from laughing so hard.

I met a girlfriend for breakfast this morning in the rain...glorious, glorious rain.

And said goodbye to the snowman....and I do wish she hadn't talked me into the flower.  But oh well.  It is cute and my toes are so much happier with pretty pink polish.

Tonight is an away game for Alex, which we are all going to.  We'll probably grab supper out or to go because M has to be back on campus for a theater production.  

The boys and I will hang out at home in our jammies...probably battling it out on Dr Mario.

At some point I need to 'feed' my amish anti-friend bread and bake, bake, bake...which actually sounds yummy on this cold rainy day.  



  1. I had the same attitude as Alex in high school and look at what a fine person I turned out to be. Have you considered a military boarding school?

  2. I agree with Alex, books are generally boring. On the other hand, books that have to do with crafts are not boring. I would much rather craft than read.

  3. Xerxes may have had that attitude back in high school, but he has made up for that time and is quite well-read now: ) As for Appleberry cottage...I am not sure you are from the same gene pool if you find books to be boring. One of us must be adopted. In my family all four of us always have a book going, and we always have other books lined up in the queu. I just found a new book series called Tea Shop Mysteries, so I can read my way through those while waiting for several new releases to arrive at the library. I currently have about 8-10 books on hold. And what's the fun without a midnight book party every now and then at Barnes and Noble?


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