Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last nights beef stew became beef bourguignon, complete with flaming brandy.

And yes, this was planned!


There has been way too much arguing amongst siblings, so I knew we needed a breakaway...and today was the day.

First off, church. It's Palm Sunday and this mornings worship was hauntingly beautiful. The story of Jesus and what is to come next week, complete with really, really great organ music setting such a dark mood....all the while the bright sun was streaming through the windows.

Like a light at the end of a dark tunnel....

After, Alex had a meeting for Confirmation. Once he was done, we headed south to our town, driving by all the strawberry fields.

Lunch today...The Counter.

Alex ordered a 1 lb burger...yes, that's ONE POUND. He ate 1/2 and brought the rest home for his before bed snack. The best part of all...sitting at a table with these 3 boys, who after a long week actually began talking and laughing together. We sat for over an hour and it was the best thing I could have ordered.

We dropped the boys off at home...the big boys are playing SuperSmash Bros. together and Brian went out to play hockey with his friends. M and I took off for the garden center and I am so's springtime! I picked up a few heirloom tomato plants and will begin getting my summer garden ready in the next few weeks. It's a beautiful, clear and sunny day...though a little on the chilly side. M's got the music on and is outside planting flowers...I think he is starting to relax. WooHoo!

Supper tonight? Who knows! We are all so full, so if anyone is hungry later I'll figure it out.


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