Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am playing hooky. Big time hooky. I am supposed to be at a meeting this morning but I just couldn't do it. I am currently in my pajamas, sitting at the computer, having paused the show Army Wives which I had taped on Sunday night. I plan on doing absolutely nothing all day, until 1:30pm. At that time I'll shower, do a 20 minute house clean-up and pretend like I've worked hard all day.


Tonight Alex has a workout with a former Harlem Globetrotter. He trains a handful of kids and a coach from another team recommended Alex after seeing him play last weekend. Should be fun, though I've been told he charges just under a million dollars an hour. That's perfect, because the moment you charge just over a million dollars, I complain.

Matthew's car is still not ready. They had to replace the hood of the car and they are having trouble matching the weathered white paint. I told them about my Uncle John who spray painted the hood of his car on the morning of my cousins wedding so he could cover the rust. While in his tux. So maybe they could try that?


Supper tonight will be scrambled eggs, roasted asparagus and some sort of muffins, either zucchini or banana alongside. M is feeling crummy, but he wants to take Alex tonight. I am supposed to go to a garden club meeting, which I will if Matthew is home. If he does have rehearsal, I could very well be back in my pj's by 5:30 pm...

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  1. I forgot about the spray paint! :)

    I do remember you mom fixing the headlight of you old gold Chevelle. She got out of the car at a stop light, took a hammer and hit the headlight - and it worked.

    With all this car know-how in the family, maybe you should pain Matthew's car!


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