Friday, March 28, 2008

The Speech

Brian had to give a speech today.

He wrote it all by his little self and it basically talked all about how much he cooperates.

Sharing a room.

Sharing a wii.

Sharing everything.

So much little time. So CUTE!


All smiles!

I've been on the run all day to multiple cities in our county. I am home for the next few minutes and then I am off to drive the boys to practice. And after that? It's lasagna time!

That guy that I like so much...the one who brought me beautiful flowers last night just because, has been asking for a lasagna. And for him...the guy whom I like alot, I am going to make the mother of all lasagnas. Yum!

My plans for this evening are simple and involve a heat lamp in my backyard, limoncello, and ABBA. Gotta love ABBA. And yes, I've seen Mama Mia. And yes, I've loved it. And yes, I know it is coming out as a movie this summer and I am so, like, totally excited that I almost can't stand it. I just like ABBA that much.

So shoot me.


1 comment:

  1. As if Brian has a choice, if he does not share one or the other brother will beat him up! It’s good that he realizes he is the auxiliary child knowing that will cause him a lot less angst.


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