Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun Lunch

Today was one of those great days.

I worked and then played.

I snagged my friend Tina and because we can never seem to find time with all of our children's activities and they are now in private school and our boys no longer play the same sport, deep breath, I made her drive Meals on Wheels (she LOVED my friend Josephine!) with me and then took her to lunch. Which she ended up paying for, so I guess she took me to lunch.


Tina is one of those friends who is gorgeous on the outside AND the inside. She is quick to laugh and even quicker to one point during lunch I thought, 'wow...this chick is MY friend.' She is just THAT she drives (rides?) a Vespa.

And now I want one, too, so I can be cool.

We met years ago when Alex and her perfect son, Kyle, were on the same, I believe, soccer team together. M and I had been told over and over by teachers, 'do you know the C family? You are so much alike....', but our paths didn't cross until the boys were in 2nd grade. We've had many a fun time on soccer sidelines and in basketball bleachers, but truth be told, I like her most because she has the most amazingly beautiful daughter...and a really, really cute husband.

=0)'s been awhile since we've had a chance to see each other and today was the day. I love the fact that we can just pick up where we left off...don't cha just love friendships like that?

So we sat and talked and drove and talked and ate and talked.

And then I came home and cleaned out the computer desk. It's amazing what you'll find in a years worth of papers....the best thing being 3 iTunes giftcards, all with money on them. Finders keepers!!!

1 comment:

  1. Okay if Tina's so cute how come no picture?

    I bet her husband is not cuter than I am!


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